What should I bring?

  • Cabin & Camp
    • Pillows
    • Sheets
    • Sleeping bag/blankets
    • Camp chairs
    • Bug spray
    • Flash light/headlamp
    • Bath towel
    • Bath toiletries - toothpaste, shampoo, shower soap, etc...
  • Food & Beverages
    • Feel free to bring a cooler with any food and beverages you may want in addition, especially any alcoholic beverages for saturday afternoon and night by the fire!
  • Clothing
    • Wedding attire - "camp chic" - dressy casual
    • Active clothes
    • Warm clothes for the late night
    • Sneakers & flip flops
    • Bathing suit & towel (weather dependant)
  • Water Sport Items
    • Kayaks, paddle boards, etc. (PFDs required)

How do I reserve to stay in a cabin?

Cabin reservations will be handled through your RSVP. Please send lodging fee (or Venmo) to accompany your reservation. Please see lodging page for further details.

Where is Maine Teen Camp?

The camp is in Porter, ME; 58 min (40.2 mi) from Portland, 1 hr 13 min (56.0 mi) from Lewiston, and 1 hr 21 min (65.0 mi) from Brunswick.

Where do I park?

When turning onto Brownfrield Rd. you will see a large parking lot on your right along the lake.

What time can I show up?

Feel free to come as early as you want Saturday; the wedding party will be spending the night Friday so we will be there! And if you can't make it for the day, please come before the ceremony at 4pm.

Are kids welcome?

As much as we'd love to have everyone's little ones running around, this is not a kid friendly weekend.

Alcohol? Beverages? Snacks?

Please feel free to bring any of your own alcohol, beverages, or snacks for the duration of the weekend. We will provide alcohol for the wedding reception.

Can we bring our pet?

Unfortunently, camp policy is no pets.

Have additional questions?

Feel free to email me at
Susan Moyal